Put your SELF back together

Are you stressed? Burnt out? Lost and confused? Stuck in a rut? Depressed?

If so, are you ready to take action to put your mind, body and soul together yourself? Are you willing to invest some time to infuse deep healing from within? The process of putting your SELF back together is beyond gratifying. Not only may you heal wounds, but you will also explore the depths of your inner being and experience tremendous personal growth.

We have developed a three-step system, which helps explore how and why you are where you are, how to improve your physical health and how to heal your mind, body and soul from within with yoga and meditation.

1. Vedic Astrology
Get a blueprint and in-depth analysis of why you are in this situation and what the future holds. A consultation with one of the finest US Vedic Astrologers will shed light on your situation.. more 

2. Target supplementation
Replenish your exhausted and abused bodily system with target supplementation and Ayurveda (hair analysis and Ayurvedic tips and tricks) … more  

 3. Holistic yoga and meditation
Learn specific yoga sets, pranayama (breathwork) meditations and mantras to heal from trauma and stress (downloadable videos).. more 

Putting yourself back together needs to happen at every level – mind, body, soul. The body needs to heal, the mind needs to clear, the soul needs to recover. By feeding proper nutrients and taking care of the physical, you then enable yourself to dive deeper into self-healing with yoga and meditation.

By learning how to control and still the mind, we can reduce incessant chatter, racing thoughts and prevent sleepless nights. The mind consists of thoughts. The thoughts is what you think makes you. You identify with your thoughts, with your perception of the world. If you are able to reduce the thoughts that race through you mind, you attain more peace. According to yoga, what keeps the mind from freedom is impurities of the mind (Mala), the restless nature of the mind (Vikshepa) the veiling power of the mind (Avarna). Avarna builds on Vikshepa which feeds on Mala. It’s a cycle that can be broken with yoga, meditation and horsemanship, for example. The process of slowing down and being more mindful slowly helps to discover who you truly are as you bust through the cobweb of your mind.

If we go down memory lane and look at our parents or grandparents, their lives were very different, much simpler. They lived more holistically, ate healthier food, lived in tune with nature and had more time for each other and life. Our predecessors did not run around like frantic rats, divorced on the fly, commuted for hours to get to a desk only to sit in front of a buzzing screen all day. Often they grew their own food, enjoyed a real life Facebook community. Burnout was no topic a few decades ago. Sure people got exhausted from working, but that was often real work, physical work, perhaps even outside in nature. They did not interrupt work a thousand times a time to respond to a blinking device. They were more focused perhaps, less scattered. We are the first generation that works in cage-like corporate buildings to pay for the butter on our bread. Evolution does not catch up that fast.. This is why we’re reacting to the abnormal situations adversely and our batteries can burn out.

While we cannot change immediately what we created and get out to the farm again, we can certainly do things to change our well-being. To many “doings” that we do all day, we can add some “being.” Being, solitude, contemplation, perhaps in form of yoga or meditation feeds the mind food that nurtures the soul. Focusing on self and going within reduces the scattered thoughts, allows relaxation and a refocusing of energy towards the inner being vs. the outer. It rekindles health from the inside out.

In the Western society, however, we have a quick fix for everything. We pop pills for all ails, yet that is not the answer. That’s a short-term fix. All the google glasses, pharmaceuticals, smart phones and other quick fixes never bring inner peace. If activated and filled with cosmic energy we are much more powerful than any of latest sci-fi warfare.