Born in Switzerland, I have since lived in the US for many years, Canada, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, England, and Peru. I truly live life from a ‘four corners of the world’ perspective. My locally derived knowledge helped me to gain a unique cultural insight on how each solitary individual affects the collective whole. After having been caught in an act of war, which triggered PTSD yet also a transforming spiritual experience, my in-depth search for truth, healing and spiritual awakening accelerated greatly. Through my own suffering, I learned the solutions are all within ourselves and are waiting to be activated, hence, I developed a program to self-heal from stress-related diseases.

I am a VP in a global bank, an avid practitioner of yoga, meditation, truth seeking, self-empowerment and common sense. I use yoga and meditation to balance the imbalance of working in a corporation and in today’s system. The metaphysical aspect of being is integrated in my life wherever possible.

I have a Business and Clinical Nutritionist degree, am a Yoga Teacher (Kundalini/Sivananda), an Ayurvedic Practitioner, a seeker and meditator.

Please contact me for any questions or suggestions:
ranchyoga (at)