Yoga and Yoga and Horsemanship Workshops

Free your body to free your mind

Choose from private somatic release yoga or day workshops with yoga and natural horsemanship.

Private Somatic Release Workshops (Trauma release)

Trauma is often the cause behind anxiety, depression, PTSD, even burnout. Trauma is a somatic (of the body) issue, that requires physical release of stuck energy.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation with focus on somatic release of trauma, stress, stored in the body, frees the body first, so the mind can follow. Combined with target supplementation, the body and mind can recharge and heal.

I myself suffered from PTSD after an incident of war and got rid of the crippling condition with somatic experiencing, yoga and target supplementation. I made it my mission to help victims of trauma, as too often, the symptoms are merely masked with pharmaceuticals. I am teaching self-healing techniques that may be easily practiced at home to continue the healing process.

Locale: Faellanden or Finstersee (alternative venues may be arranged)

Please book your individual session, I will contact you to find a convenient date asap (weekends possible).

Private Somatic Release Yoga / Clinical Nutrition
Price(CHF): CHF149.00

Yoga and Horsemanship Workshops
Immerse yourself in a healing ranch yoga and horsemanship experience high above the clouds of Zug/Zurich, Switzerland!
If you are stressed out, burning the candle from both ends, or just need a break – come and reset your mind, body and soul with yoga, breathwork, meditation and horsemanship.
The unique combination of “equine assisted mindfulness” (mindfulness skills developed through interaction with horses) with target yoga and meditation, specifically designed for stress release, brings balance and harmony to the system. This highly effective two-day retreat takes you away from the daily grind and allows you to recharge your drained batteries on a beautiful horse ranch in the Zug countryside.

Equine assisted mindfulness, or simply horsemanship, is fast becoming recognized as an innovative approach to assist people of all ages in increasing their levels of self-awareness, and in doing so, facilitating improvements in areas such as stress release, self-confidence, boundary setting, teamwork, communication or leadership skills. It works beautifully in combination with yoga and meditation practices, specifically designed to release tension, burn toxins (physical and emotional) so that you can experience peace, relaxation and clarity. For thousands of years, the yoga system was taught to help purify the body and mind, so that a practitioner can burn karma and awaken their soul. As you travel through our program and achieve more balance and lightness, you will be able to go within, experience your SELF and the horse will guide your gently through the process.

Horse whispering or horsemanship:
Horses have a special, innate sense that allows them to detect our moods and frame of mind. They seem to know when something is wrong or “in the air”, whether it is something positive or impending doom. Without physical contact, they can read and pick up very subtle signals from a human. That is what makes horses so valuable for the rehabilitation of people who suffered physical, emotional or mental stress or damage. Equine assisted therapy is designed to enhance self-esteem, decrease stress, improve focus and be fun, while discovering and working with a beautiful animal, in nature.

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man ~Winston Churchill

Yoga and Meditation:
Yoga, breathwork, meditation work in conjunction to heal body, mind and soul. Yoga is not limited to contortions on a mat, yoga is a holistic system that works harmoniously to achieve stillness of mind. In this retreat we combine specific rebalancing yoga sets (suitable for beginners to advanced) with breathwork (pranayama), mantras, cleansing techniques and meditation. The yoga sequences include an optimized set of practices, designed to balance, harmonize and relax the mind, body and soul, in order to get a point where meditation, inspired thought and creativity happen.
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Buddha


dates to be announced

Start 9am
– Welcome and Intro
– Meet the horses and pick your equine partner for the day
– Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation – Recharge. Relax. Heal.
– Lunch
– Meet your horse
– Horse-Man-Ship or Art of Riding
– Discussion, tea and cake2121
End ca. 5pm

Transportation and ranch child care (working with horses) may be provided. Child care at 90CHF for an all day program.

Ranch address:
Stall Luci, Ziegelhof 2, 6313 Finstersee, Zug

Susanne (Sampoorna/Kundalini/Trauma Yoga certified Yoga Teacher, Clinical Nutritionist, PTSD victim that self-healed) and Guido (Horsemanship Instructor) will guide you through the yoga and ranch adventure and ensure you will have a perfect day filled with bliss!



Ranch Yoga Retreat Program