Put yourself back together

A New You

We live in a hectic world. Many of us are running on empty. We rush through life, suffer traumas such as divorce, job loss or death of family member or other majorly stressful events. However, we seem to need to continue with life, no matter what. Some try to numb the stress with pharmaceuticals, however, that is not the answer. The best pharmacy is inside of you and readily accessible.

One of the key essentials for good health is an optimal HRV (Heart Rate Variability), a main indicator used by science to measure stress and the balance of your autonomous nervous system. By learning how to enhance the HRV with PNS Yoga, consisting of breathing techniques, yoga, mantras, mudras and a few other tricks, you can bring your entire system into balance again and build nerves of steel.

Accurate, personalized supplementation with aid of a hair analysis helps put the bodily temple into optimal shape, from a nutritional perspective. Instead of self-supplementation, a hair analysis indicates imbalances and remedies to achieve optimal balance.

1. PNS Yoga
Learn specific yoga sets, pranayama (breathwork) meditations and mantras to heal the nervous system.. more

2. Target supplementation
Replenish your exhausted and abused bodily system with target supplementation and Ayurveda (hair analysis and Ayurvedic tips and tricks) … more

3. Vedic Astrology
Get an in-depth analysis of your current situation and what the future holds. A consultation with one of the finest US Vedic Astrologers will shed light .. more