Burnout, exhaustion, fatigue, depression resulting from a traumatic event such as a divorce or a loss in the family, or continued exposure to stress is not just keeping you up at night, it’s everywhere. Mental and physical exhaustion is often pushed to the side until the effects can no longer be denied. People from all walks of life and professions are affected. It’s not limited to a particular profession or type of person, no, the lady at the checkout counter at Walmart might be as burnt out than the high-flying CEO.

Specific breathwork (pranayama), yoga and meditation help to calm where calm is needed and re-energize where energy is required. In my videos I give step-by-step instructions how to cleanse, balance, invigorate and calm your mind, body and soul.

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Whether it’s our new, artificial, techno lifestyle that has burnt you out or a tragic life event, you know you have to do something.. but what? has silently invaded and consumed our lives in the last few decades. Instead of defending sanity and peace, we have permitted a hijacking of what we used to know as life. Corporate life has replaced the more natural life our parents or grandparents knew, with a rat race. At best, we fit in 30 minutes of exercise per day or a yoga session here and there. That’s if we’re doing well. The food we eat fits our overall lifestyle, it is usually prepared fast and eaten fast. On top, we make fast friends and often lose them equally fast. No wonder batteries are burning out left and right.
In our Western society, we are turning away from our true human capacity and powers. Instead, we focus on developing google glasses, robots, smart weapons and the like. For what purpose? If activated and filled with cosmic energy we are much more powerful than any of latest sci-fi warfare. But, enlightenment and meditation are shunned in the West. It is avoided by the mass media. Spiritual people are smiled at and treated like morons, wearing strange shoes. However, who is to say that spiritual folks have to “look” like tree huggers? I, for one, work in a corporation, wear a suit on a daily basis but practice meditation and yoga religiously. In fact, I do not know how else I could stomach the corporate world. If they took spirituality away from me, I’d starve or go crazy. And this is precisely the mission here. How can you prevent or survive burnout spiritually and physically?

If we go down memory lane and look at our parents or grandparents, their lives were much different. They lived more holistically, ate healthier food, lived in tune with nature and had more time for each other and life. Of course, we get older these days, because we have “better drugs”, but getting older is only worth it if it’s fun. Our predecessors did not run around like frantic rats, biting their tails. Often they grew their own food, enjoyed a “real life Facebook” with family, friends and neighbors. Burnout was no topic a few decades ago. Sure people got exhausted from working too much, but that was real work, physical work, perhaps, outside in nature. They did not have a gazillion devices demanding their attention. They did not have to sit behind computer screens 24/7 to make a living. We are the first generation that works in cage-like corporate buildings to pay for the butter on our bread. Humans were supposed to turn into this corporate rat within a few decades. Evolution is not that fast. This is why we’re reacting to it aversely and our batteries simply burn out.

While we cannot change immediately what we created and get out to the farm again, we can certainly do things to change our well-being. A life of “doing” will not bring happiness, instead a life of “being” might. In other parts of the world, such as India, Sri Lanka, for example, many people still live a holistic life that includes meditation, yoga, natural food, a life in a community with real friends in a community. All is blended with a Dharmic religion (Hinduism, Buddhism) that brings people together. The goal can be enlightenment, the ultimate achievement of human kind. In India, to this day, we have sadhus, rishis, enlightened masters who have reached this objective. They learned what humans are truly capable of and became one with God. God, the omnipresent energy, the master of the universe. Cosmic energy runs through their veins and if not desired, they might not have another rebirth. Humans, who do not explore the spiritual realm, learn about karmic debt, meditation and progress as a child of God, might need to repeat the reincarnation exercise for millenniums to come. I understand not everyone believes in reincarnation, so, if this is not your cup of tea, just look at it as becoming a better person for the sake of peace, harmony and fulfillment in this life.